La forastera

TV Movie


30-year-old Marie Fraser arrives on a small island in the French “Midi” where she has been contracted as a local journalist on an important regional newspaper. Warmly welcomed by the staff, Marie begins a happy new life. However, the deep anxiety and irrational terror that haunt her soon undermine her relationship with the locals. Strange coincidences and long-forgotten memories inevitably engender trouble around her, yet Marie believes she has found in Pierre Levaillant, the editor-in-chief, a relationship capable of breaking this chain of misfortune, despite the apparent jealousy of her young colleague, Melanie. Marie’s troubles come to a head when, following the disappearance of the director of the newspaper, Pierre also goes missing - and Marie is the prime suspect. Based on the novel “L’étrangère” by Patricia Macdonald.

Informació addicional

Coproducció amb Dune (Francia) i Televisió de Catalunya. Basada en el thriller de Patricia Macdonald. Roma FictionFest 2007 Premio Màxim a la millor actriu de la sección TV movies (Anne Caillon).

  • Direcció

    José Pinheiro

La forastera

  • Anne Caillon
  • Thomas Jouannet
  • Gaêlle Bona
  • Marc Cartés