2014 / TV3
TV Series


Based on the novel by Silvia Soler, "39+1" delves into the daily life of Ilia (Cecilia), a woman on the precipice of her forties who is trying hard to be a superwoman. She wants to be a success at work as the coordinator of a magazine, to have a loving and supportive husband, to be the perfect mum for her three kids – a teenage son from her previous marriage and two daughters from her current partner -, to go out with her friends and to care for her aging parents. But it’s all a bit too much in these times we live in and she’s fighting a losing battle trying to cover so many flanks and getting into impossible situations she just can’t manage. "39+1" interweaves scenes of the protagonist’s work life and family life with scenes of the world of her soon-to-be-40 friends, with whom she shares her innermost thoughts, desires and frustrations. All with a good dose of humour offset with more sombre moments in which the characters express their angst in a context of crisis... and it’s not just the midlife crisis.

Additional Information

Original format: Catalan. Weekly primetime dramedy (13x55’) for Televisió de Catalunya. Script: Anna Manso, Ferran Folch Bot, Héctor Hernández Vicens, Jordi Calafí Vasadevall, Maite Carranza, Mercè Sarrias Fornés,,Carmen Fernández Villalba, Enric Gomà.

  • Duration

  • Albert Plans Soriano
  • Direction

    Enrich Folch


  • Agnès Busquets
  • Joan Carreras
  • Francesc Colomer
  • Silvia Abril
  • Marta Torné
  • Julio Manrique
  • Xavi Mira
  • Manel Dueso
  • Thaïs Blume
  • Carla Schilt
  • Mariona Schilt
  • Isabel Rocatti
  • Xavier Boada
  • Marina Gatell
  • Carme Callol
  • Victòria Pagès
  • Pep Pla
  • Magda Puig
  • Jordi Rico