Love is forever

2012-2018 / Antena 3
TV Series

Over 1500 episodes enlivening early afternoons on Antena 3.


October 1961. Valeria Prado, who entered scene at the end of the previous season, throws herself into supporting her husband, Ruben Tudela, who is immersed in the preparations for the concert he is to give in a few days time, a concert that may well relaunch his career. However, Ruben’s nerves and insecurity are magnified when he witnesses first-hand the attraction between his wife and Diego, his brother. His jealousy is redoubled thanks to Valeria’s manipulative aunt Elena, in connivance with Augusto, a businessman with a likeable demeanour but underhanded intentions. The day of Ruben’s concert, the tension mounting amongst them all will have unforeseen consequences… Meanwhile, El Asturiano, with Manolita, Marcelino and Pelayo in attendance, continues to be the nerve centre of the neighbourhood and the nexus of all the familiar stories and characters that will continue throughout this second season (Marina, Belen, Dorita, Leonor…) Hector, Asuncion and Bonilla, the detective trio, also continue in the neighbourhood. But following an assault, Hector’s life takes an unexpected turn, pushing both his marriage and his friendship with Bonilla to the limit.

Additional Information

Original format: Spanish. Daily 50-minute fiction. Since the first season went to air in 2012-2013 accumulating an average share of 13.4% (1,640,000 viewers) the series has seen its audience swell to an average 14.2% for season 2 in 2013-2014 (1,676,000 viewers) and 14.2% (1,647,000 viewers) to date for season 3 (2014-2015), with over a total 500 episodes broadcast. Shot in HD. A production for the afternoon slot of Antena 3 Televisión.

  • Duration

  • Script
  • Script

    Borja Glez. Santaolalla, Diana Rojo
  • Direction

    Eduardo Casanova

Love is forever

  • Adriana Torrebejano
  • David Janer
  • Manu Baqueiro
  • Itziar Miranda
  • José Antonio Sayagués
  • Anabel Alonso
  • Iñaki Miramón
  • Sebas Fernández
  • José Manuel Seda
  • Lucía Jiménez
  • Beatriz Argüello
  • Llorenç González
  • Adriá Collado
  • Paula Usero
  • Carol Rovira
  • Alba Gutiérrez
  • Luz Valdenebro
  • Marina Orta
  • Álvaro de Juana
  • Raúl Ferrando
  • Juan de Vera
  • Fede Celada
  • Sara Moraleda
  • Toni Misó