1998 / Antena 3
TV Series


Alvaro Quiroga is an unscrupulous businessman with an undying ambition, capable of putting an end to anyone who might stand in the way of the achievement of his goals, even his own children. In complete contrast, his partner in the daily newspaper “Primeras noticias”, Javier Terol, is an honest, hard-working guy who lost his wife too soon and, despite having spent a fortune to undergo surgery in Houston, is suffering from an irreversible illness. Though they’ve been partners for many years, Alvaro is actually Javier’s arch enemy, the result of unhealed wounds from past events. Hence, his hidden agenda is to oust Javier from the business once and for all. Main cast

Additional Information

53 x 45’ daily drama serial produced by Diagonal TV in coproduction with BRB Internacional for Antena 3 TV. Broadcast in 1998 in access primetime. Original version: Spanish.

  • Duration

  • Francesc Luchetti
  • Direction

    Javier Arazola


  • Blanca Apilánez
  • Jordi Dauder
  • Ernest Collado
  • Cristina Brondo
  • Alicia Escurriola
  • Nacho Fresneda
  • Manuel Galiana
  • Julia Martínez
  • Inés Morales
  • Melanie Olivares
  • Josep Linuesa