After the rain

TV Movie


The story takes place in a city that hasn’t seen rain for two years. In a modern, high-rise office block, essentially the rooftop, offices, lift, emergency stairway, bathrooms, cafeteria and corridors. It is an ensemble of ten interconnected lives: five women (the managing director and the blonde, brunette, red-haired and dark-haired secretaries) and five men (the systems manager, the administrative officer, the human relations manager, the runner, and the lift attendant). They are grey characters, ordinary, solitary, and lost, who make furtive visits to the rooftop to smoke – strictly prohibited –, but also to forget their day-to-day problems, to conspire against their superiors, to exteriorize their anguish, to woo, to dream, to fill their empty lives… When all is said and done, to seek happiness. While they long for the much awaited rain and the day after. The story is rapidly woven with humour and irony. The camera accompanies the characters throughout the building, capturing each particular situation and state of mind: the mystery surrounding the lives of the systems manager and the brunette secretary; the managing director’s conspiracy; the administrative officer’s manias and obsessions; the double life of the human relations manager; the red-haired secretary’s superstitions; the psychic powers of the runner… The story advances towards a happy ending of sorts. And if, “before the rain“, beneath a threatening grey sky, we witness the crystallisation of love, suicide, betrayal, comic situations, hate, cataclysm, and the desire for rain, when that rain finally comes the tension is broken and the atmosphere becomes warmer, more sensual, magical. In the end, almost all the characters find their own particular path towards a “possibly” better world, bringing us closer to many of the story’s key themes: unrequited love, the dangers of believing in fate, the fear of being alone, the need for affection, the return to nature, and an ambiguous desire for freedom. All ending with a beautiful double love story observed as if on the other side of the mirror. Based on the play by Sergi Belbel.

Additional Information

A coproduction of Diagonal TV and Ficción Producciones with Televisió de Catalunya and Televisión de Galicia. With the support of the Institut Català de les Indústries Culturals (Generalitat de Catalunya) and the Xunta de Galicia (Consellería de Cultura e Deporte). Shot in Sabadell.

  • Direction

    Agustín Villaronga

After the rain

  • Marisa Paredes
  • Candela Peña
  • Marina Gatell
  • Vicenta Ndongo
  • Olalla Escribano
  • Jordi Bosch
  • Enric Majó
  • Àlex Brendemühl
  • Roger Casamajor
  • Secun de la Rosa
  • Núria Coll
  • Armand Tarragó
  • Carlos Conde
  • Esther Pons