Iris TV

2002 / TV3
TV Movie


TV show runner, Kim Ros, devises a ground-breaking new reality show that has tragically unforeseen consequences: Iris. The program involves the unsuspecting participation of socially maladjusted contestants, with the supposedly altruistic objective of rehabilitating them - before the eyes of millions of TV viewers. The first-round contestants are retrenched 50-year-old, Alfred Stern, a man walking inexorably down the road to self-destruction. And 19-year-old Alicia Lopez, alone, lost, and failing to find any meaning in her dismal life… The channel, Iris TV, devises a strategy designed to put the contestants’ lives back on the right track and guide them on the path to salvation. Under the watchful eye of micro-cameras secretly implanted into their own eyes and those of their friends, family and anonymous decoys, the private lives of Alicia and Stern, and their progressive rehabilitation, are observed in full detail by millions of TV accomplices, the viewers, whose votes, registered 24 hours round the clock, can save them. One of them. Who’ll go the distance and win the 500,000 euros? Which of the two will be saved? An amazing new concept in television entertainment, but the high-rating brainchild might just turn out to be a hideous media experiment…

Additional Information

A Diagonal TV production for Televisió de Catalunya

  • Duration

  • Direction

    Xavier Manich

Iris TV

  • Roger Pera
  • Anna Allen
  • Lluís Marco
  • Irene Montalà
  • David Janer
  • Francesc Garrido
  • Santi Pons