Kubala, Moreno i Manchón

2012-2013 / TV3
TV Series


A male-female detective duo and a criminology graduate on an internship have their work cut out for them juggling their professional and private lives. With the help of an unusual bunch of collaborators, the three investigate a series of cases that reflect the problems and shortcomings of people in today's urban society. In a clever mélange of drama and comedy, suspense and surprise are essential elements of the stories.

Additional Information

Original format: Catalan. 13 x 55’ weekly prime-time drama series for Televisió de Catalunya. Currently in production. Shot in HD. Creative Executive Producer: Javier Olivares.

  • Duration

  • Anaís Schaaff, Javier Olivares
  • Sergi Portabella, Xavis Puchades, Enric Gomà, José Ramón Fernández, Ferran Folch, Jordi Calafí, Albert Plans, Anaïs Schaff, Javier Olivares
  • Direction

    Kiko Claverol

Kubala, Moreno i Manchón

  • Jordi Martínez
  • Marc Cartes
  • Núria Gago
  • Àgata Roca
  • Clara Ramon
  • Arnau Fernández
  • Camilo Garcia
  • Olalla Moreno
  • Borja Espinosa
  • Juli Fàbregas
  • Cesca Piñon
  • Pep Molina
  • Quimet Pla