2018 / Antena 3
TV Series

An Iberian thriller with a good dose of black humour.


In Torrecillas, central Spain, endless fields of windswept grain crops stretch beyond the horizon. Here in this sleepy town, Francisco, an entrepreneur in the meat processing business, has set up his slaughterhouse importing cheap, low-grade pigs from Portugal to sell off for a profit. His brother-in-law, Alfonso, works with him. A vet by profession, Alfonso is a weak and cowardly man who grudgingly turns a blind eye and certifies substandard animals that anyone else would knock back. Why then? Because Francisco is blackmailing his brother-in-law into covering up his illicit business dealings, under threat of revealing a little secret from Alfonso’s past that could ruin his happy marriage. What Alfonso doesn’t know is that, apart from certifying this dodgy meat, a number of these animals from Portugal are actually drug mules.

However, an unexpected situation will upend the quiet lives of these anodyne characters.

Additional Information

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  • Duration

  • Created by

    Daniel Martín Sáez de Parayuelo
  • Script

    Daniel Martín Sáez de Parayuelo, Laura Sarmiento, Fernando Navarro, Nacho Cabana & Chus Vallejo.
  • Direction

    Jordi Frades


  • Pepe Viyuela
  • Lucía Quintana
  • Antonio Garrido
  • Carmen Ruíz
  • Ginés García Millán
  • Miguel de Lira
  • Tito Valverde
  • Franky Martí
  • Camila Viyuela
  • Iván Cózar
  • Pep Ambrós
  • Filipe Duarte
  • Gonzalo Uriarte
  • Julio Pereira
  • Merjoddy Bermúdez
  • Janfri Topera
  • José Ángel Egido
  • Jordi Aguilar
  • Mateo Jalón
  • Belén Constela