TV Movie


Fabian’s life comes to a sudden end under strange circumstances. An attractive judge with an immaculate reputation, supposedly living an enviable life dedicated to his family and profession, he turns out to be the victim of a destructive spiral into a hell of deceit and false appearances. All those who formed part of his immediate circle over the final years of Fabian’s life participate one way or another in his imminent destruction. They are pieces of a puzzle that will reveal not only emotions, weaknesses, frustrations and the true character of the judge, but also those of each character who in his or her search for happiness maintain emotional relationships marked by lies. Lies that will gradually be revealed as the story progresses. Pilar, Fabian’s mother, goads him into a marriage he doesn’t want, in the hope that he will forget his intense, clandestine relationship with Amadeo. In the face of collective pressure Fabian rushes into his marriage with the beautiful Laura, an intelligent student of art history. Laura, for her part, wants her terminally-ill father to see her wed before he dies. Fabian and Laura meet through a close friend of Laura’s, Natalia, a bubbly, impulsive journalist who harbours a secret desire for Fabian from the day they meet. Laura and Fabian’s marriage is a farce from day one. Fabian, incapable of satisfying his wife sexually, embarks on a sordid affair with Natalia which degenerates into the pathetic. When Laura realizes her marriage has failed, she seeks refuge in Mauricio, her one-time professor at university, and the platonic love of her youth, now divorced and silently in love with her. The situation comes to a head when Fabian finds out that Laura is pregnant, so precipitating his life’s dramatic end. Based on the novel “Equívocos” by María García-Lliberós.

Additional Information

A coproduction of Diagonal TV and Indigo Media, with Televisió Autonòmica Valenciana and Televisió de Catalunya. With the support of the Generalitat Valenciana and the Institut Català de les Indústries Culturals (Generalitat de Catalunya). Shot in Valencia and Barcelona.

  • Direction

    Miguel Perelló


  • Imanol Arias
  • Eva de Luis
  • Esther Arroyo
  • Juli Mira
  • Ximo Solano
  • Francesc Orella