Safe haven

TV Movie


Lea, 30, is chef at a luxury hotel and is going through a rough patch with her boyfriend, Bruno, who is becoming increasingly jealous and aggressive. Is it because she fell pregnant out of the blue? Or because Bruno’s father is very ill? Or because of the financial problems he is having with his riding school? When Bruno becomes violent one day, Lea leaves and takes a room at the hotel, next-door to her friend Vincent, the hotel pianist, a widow and a model father with two young daughters. But Bruno is furious at her for leaving and starts to harass her, becoming more and more threatening. Lea’s friend Jennifer warns her against Bruno; it seems he was once the boyfriend of Jennifer’s sister, who was killed in an accident that Jennifer has always felt had something to do with Bruno. When Jennifer is found dead in one of the hotel rooms, Lea panics and decides to get as far away from Bruno as possible. Vincent suggests she move with him to another town and Lea accepts. She will realize her mistake too late… Based on the novel, “Safe Haven”, by Patricia Macdonald.

Additional Information

A coproduction of Diagonal TV and Dune, with the participation of France 2. With the support of the Institut Català de les Indústries Culturals (Generalitat de Catalunya). Shot in France and Spain, in HD.

  • Direction

    José Pinheiro