Si no te hubiera conocido

2018 / TV3 - NETFLIX
TV Series

A love story with a touch of science fiction.


Eduard, a businessman of half age, married feliçment with Elisa and father of two children, voice how his life does an unexpected twist: a misfortune that he same provokes of indirect way the colpeix brutally. Or his family or his best friends can not do nothing to appease his ache. The emergence of an elderly mysterious will do that it recover little by little the ganes to live.

  • Duration

  • Created by

    Sergi Belbel
  • Script

    Sergi Belbel, Cristina Clemente & Roc Esquius.
  • Direction

    Kiko Ruiz Claverol

Si no te hubiera conocido

  • Pablo Derqui
  • Mercedes Sampietro
  • Andrea Ros
  • Paula Malia
  • Javier Beltrán
  • Montse Guallar
  • David Vert
  • Muguet Franc
  • Abel Folk
  • Sergi López
  • Miquel Garcia
  • Eli Iranzo
  • Mariona Schilt
  • Berta Garcia
  • Joel Bramona
  • Olalla Escribano
  • Òscar Jarque