El Nudo

2019-2020 / ATRESplayer PREMIUM
TV Series

Victims of destiny, two couples cross paths and live out a forbidden love.


Daniel (Oriol Tarrason) is undergoing emergency surgery following a car accident. He’s still alive but in a severe condition. While they wait for news, his mother, Miriam (Luisa Gavasa), and wife, Rebecca (Cristina Plazas), begin making calls to close friends and relatives to let them know the situation. Among them, Sergio, the husband of Rebecca’s best friend, Cristina.

Little did Rebecca expect that an emergency call would reveal not only that her husband Daniel is in a coma after a car accident, but also that an unknown woman was travelling with him and has disappeared without a trace. Nor could she ever know just how this accident is about to affect both her own life and that of Sergio and Cristina.

‘The knot’ tells the story of two couples, victims of fate, whose lives converge to live out a forbidden love.

A story narrated in two time frames: the present, in which the police investigation slowly reveals to the two couples the web of lies that have been intertwined amongst them; and the past, in which we discover what unleashed this fatal love story.

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  • Number of chapters

  • Duration

  • Script

    Nuria Bueno, José Ángel Lavilla, Nicolás Romero y Nacho Pérez de la Paz
  • Direction

    Jordi Frades

El Nudo

  • Natalia Verbeke
  • Cristina Plazas
  • Miquel Fernández
  • Oriol Tarrasón
  • Luisa Gavasa
  • Enrique Villén
  • Armando del Río
  • Silvia Maya
  • Pep Antón
  • Eva Rufo
  • Berta Galo
  • Astrid Janer
  • Marcos Ruíz
  • Rafa Ortiz
  • Javier Morgade
  • Mariona Tena
  • Rafa Sandoval
  • Ángel Ruiz