Olor de colònia

2012 / TV3
Mini Series


The chief accountant of a textile mill colony dies in a fire as devastating as it is inexplicable. His wife, Teresa, with her invalid mother and two children, is obliged to grant their residence to the new clerk, Climent, with whom Teresa shares the tender memory of an adolescent love destined never to flourish. The story evokes life in the 1950’s at a textile mill colony, one of many along Catalonia’s Llobregat River. It is a life pervaded by a bitter combination of despotism and condescension, a life tainted by pernicious social relations. Here we find a nexus of personal and collective stories, relationships of power, love, and loathing. Birth, life, parenthood and death, all transpire within the grounds of the colony, a workplace that also provides a school for the children, a church to pray in, a general store for one’s essential needs and a home to live in. Based on the novel by Sílvia Alcàntara.

Additional Information

HD Original version: Catalan. A Diagonal TV production in coproduction with Televisió de Catalunya. With the support of the Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales and the Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals (Generalitat de Catalunya). Shot entirely in Catalonia.

  • Number of chapters

  • Duration

  • Toni Cabré, Laia Aguilar, Anna Fité
  • Direction

    Lluís Maria Güell

Olor de colònia

  • Pep Planas,
  • Maria Molins
  • Míriam Iscla
  • Toni Sevilla
  • Fermí Reixach
  • Vicky Peña
  • Greta Fernàndez
  • Aida de la Cruz
  • Àngels Bassas
  • Marta Angelat
  • Alícia González
  • Miquel Gelabert
  • Jordi Banacolocha
  • Margarida Minguillón
  • David Vert
  • Àurea Màrquez
  • Lluís Villanueva
  • Xicu Massó
  • Pep Pla
  • Rosa Vila
  • Pepa López