Looming affairs goes to air

Looming affairs goes to air

Looming affairs, a two-part mini-series inspired by the best-selling novel “Olor de colònia” by Sílvia Alcàntara, will premiere in Televisió de Catalunya’s primetime slot on Monday October 14 and Tuesday October 15. Directed by Lluís-Maria Güell, the series was produced by Diagonal TV and Televisió de Catalunya.

Shot principally at the Vidal Textile Mill colony in Puig-reig, the mini-series evokes life in one of the many textile mill communities situated along Catalonia’s Llobregat River in the 1950’s. It is a life pervaded by a bitter melange of despotism and condescension, tainted by pernicious social relations. Here we find a nexus of personal and collective stories, relationships of power, love, and loathing. Birth, life and death, all transpire within the grounds of the colony, a workplace that also provides a school for the children, a church to pray in, a general store for essential needs and a home to live in. As long as one is willing to play by the rules…

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